A Trance Communications Release (UK)

This trance record label never ceases to amaze me with their excellent releases since 1998. Based in UK, ATCR emerged at the same time when Trance exploded onto the dance muzik scene like wildfire. I am an avid collector of their records and till date, those precious 12″ vinyls labeled ATCR are still in my possession.

This artwork was created under the impression of how I saw ATCR more than a decade ago. Love the use of hot red against a whitish/silverish background that garners that desired contrast. Shop for records in person, and those big fonts will just scream “that looks interesting”, put that ATCR record on the decks and immerse yourself in what is to be a communication of audible, uplifting-epic melodies.

Check out their official website for ATCR’s discography, updated info and more releases on their webshop.