1942 – A film by Feng Xiao Gang depicts the actual 'famine' that occured in Henan province, China. The casualties are estimated at 3 million to widespread hunger, lack of actual situation analysis, and government help. World War II was in session during that time period, and the flow of refugees were caught in the midst of air-to-ground missles from the Japanese Empire – far more technologically advanced. Routes on foot extends out to 100s of miles away from this province with diminishing chances of survival left deep scars in the minds of today's Chinese culture. A lot of resistance has been met with this 4-year old film that was finally produced and released. One of the most brilliant directors of his time, Feng is an experienced film evangelist who has been ranked highly in China's popular culture. 

The image was designed with the movie theme in mind, there are roads to take, but all roads lead to _________.