Gmail, Google, G+: The Original Motherfuckers Version 3.0


There's no such thing as a free lunch, let alone lunches. We have all been duped. Wondering how all those relevant advertisements are seeping through your Gmails, emails. Linking all those lumpsomes together as a bigger free luncheon? Think again. You are royally fucked, that's right. 

Google don't give a rat's arse about you by serving you free services. You are the Product. Their services are the baits. There's still time to turn things around if you have awaken to your senses, from these corporate NSA agents whose oxymoronic motto spells "Don't Be Evil." They must have forgotten their mirrors on their way out of their fucking doors each and every morning.

Who can afford to pay internships of up to USD $ 6000 per individual? That's right. Google Capones. You are funding their corporate thieveries. In short, they are and have been stealing your data as a landing catch for your dollars.

FORTUNATELY, there are alternatives to Google.

Search Engines:,

Email clients:, 


Be Smart, Ask Questions, Don't allow your Mailboxes to be subjected to Thievery Corporations like Google. Oh yeah, check out for more information.